Civic Engagement in Ann Arbor During COVID-19

Timeline: Spring Term 2020
Skills: Persona, Journey mapping, Empathy mapping, Secondary research, Surveys, User interviews
Tools: Miro, Mural, Slack, Zoom 

In spring 2020 I took SI 350: UX Research in the Public Sector at the University of Michigan. During this class, I researched civic engagement in Ann Arbor during COVID-19. We worked in small teams to research how Ann Arbor residents were interacting with city hall and neighborhood construction during the COVID-19 pandemic by conducting secondary research, interviews, and distributing surveys. We then came together as a class to assess everyone's data and ideas. Our instructor assigned each team a section for the report and combined all sections to create the final report that was then sent to the Ann Arbor City Government.​​​​​​​ My team was responsible for the section describing secondary research, however, we contributed to all parts of the report and research.