Timeline: November - December 2020

Skills: Persona, User interviews, Usability Testing, Wireframing, Prototyping
Tools: Adobe XD, Figma, Zoom, Google Docs


When discovering they have dietary restrictions or are starting a new diet, people struggle to find recipes that fit their needs and are still delicious. FoodThought attempts to fix this by giving the user the ability to find meals, filter by dietary restrictions, and plan out which recipes they want to make for which meals throughout the week.

Audience and Personas

I decided to create this project because many people I know have dietary restrictions, and sometimes struggle to find meals that follow their restrictions and also taste good. I personally also struggle to find meals that are healthy and make me feel good but aren't bland. This being said, my number one target persona for this application was people who recently discovered that they have an allergy to something like dairy or gluten that are hard to omit from one's diet. The second target persona I designed for are students that are new to cooking for themselves. As a student myself, I struggled to get into cooking when I first moved out and wanted to make sure my app was useful for students to find quick and easy recipes. The final persona I designed for are friends and family members of people with dietary restrictions. I wanted FoodThought to be a place for people to find any recipe that's easy to follow and cook even if they don't make things that follow these restrictions on a regular basis. Below I included the 3 persona maps I created on Figma showing their needs and situations in which they would use the application.

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 8.04.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 8.03.51 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 8.03.36 PM.png

Design Process

I began my design process by asking my friends with dietary restrictions what they disliked about finding new recipes to try. The first problem they had was having to go to too many apps and websites just to find one good recipe. In order to help with this,  I included icons on the previews of recipes to show which recipes fall under which restrictions at a quick glance. I also created a suggestions page that will learn what the user saves and the dietary restrictions they input when they sign up to make it easier to find recipes that fit their needs. My research also found that a lot of people struggle with meal planning and end up either over or under buying groceries for the week. To solve this I came up with the calendar feature that lets users assign their saved meals to different days of the week. I then sketched some designs using what I learned from my research. After my initial designs, I did a round of usability testing and ended up changing the interaction on my calendar page from multiple choice selections to drag and drop because it was faster and more intuitive. I also changed my calendar page by showing only one day at a time to minimize information overload.


Here is the final interactive prototype I created with Adobe XD.